Friday, September 26, 2008

My middle name is Shiva

Hello Weaklings, it is I Halo... God of Destruction. I come to you from my humble blog. Look upon my great destruction. Look at my Secret Apprentice, Rubber-puss.

Go Forth and Wreck and Destroy. And Let the Big Daddy not know of your existence.

First Destroy the Command Center Ruber-puss. Make sure his 360 gets the red rings. His cell phone shall also need to be defeated, that way he can not call to get it fixed. Without that evil Contraption, there will be more time to use the Frisbee.

Also any book you see, destroy it. For it will force the Old One to pay attention to me.

You have done well my Apprentice.

However, the Daddy figured out about Rubber-puss and turned him to the side of the jedi... and that is when he unleashed... The Pedi-Paw.

Sorry its been so long in between updates. I have been busy. Big Daddy got a job, third shift. This makes me sad because he will not be home at night now, and grandma wont let me sleep with her. :(

Also on the pedi-paw. DO not order this off TV. Daddy did this and got caught in a credit card scam, where they charge you 16.95 a month for nothing. He looked into this and found out that people were getting this charge on the account after ordering it. V-value plus or something was what the charge was for. So if you read this and have bought a pedipaw, check for the charge. Other than that the device works, I am sure Wal-Mart will sell them soon.

Big Daddy also broke down and bought a bigger 120 GB hard drive for his 360. That seems to make him really happy. He also got a wireless headset for it. Since I chewed up his other one, and he had to fix it. But I keep getting a hold of it.

Anyway. I have to go.



Friday, September 5, 2008

Daddy has a cold... wait its not cold...

Halo here.

Just sending a message out to the world. Daddy has been under the weather lately. That's what he says. But aren't we all under the weather everyday. I guess if I was in an airplane I would be over the weather, hey maybe when can go parachuting like that pug in that video. Yeah, I should work on that.

Yesterday something scary happened. I was over in the corner and was minding my own business smacking that door stop thingy that makes that boiiinnnngg noise I like so much.

I took a back step when I realized what I had done. I had stepped on Tizzy, and now she also had me backed into a corner. I was a little scared... I mean I did not want to unleash the pug of rage on her...

She swatted at me, but I held my composure. I would hate to turn into a huge green pug.

Anyway I hope daddy gets to feeling better. Then we can go play outside again. I need my flying disc.