Monday, December 15, 2008

Im Sorry Peeps

Wow where have I been so long you might be wondering. Well its been a busy time. I have been helping daddy play games. I like to tell him when Monsters are sneaking up on him in Dead Space, or where he is supposed to go in Tomb Raider:Underworld. And the new Prince of Persia game, that was all me.

Anyway, daddy failed to be a good daddy again. He let my ear get extremely dirty. He obviously did not pay attention to the pug owners manual. Its right there on page Eleventy-hundred and twelve.

He has tried to take care of the issue. However I just wont co-operate. I don't like liquids in my ear. I see that bottle, I run, or just swing my head back and forth so he cant get it in there. Finally in a last ditch effort before having to go to the vet, he bought some wipes. I still fight, but its harder to fight a wipe. And he is getting it cleaned out.

He says its because Tiki, his last pug, did not get dirty ears ever. Well she obviously was a dainty little thing,and I am a rough and tumble male... grrrrowl....

Another habit I have picked up, I am picky now. Yup, those Ole Roy dog biscuits from Walmart... yeah I aint eating them. I carry them around for 5 or 6 hours, I hide them from Tizzy. Just because I dont want the doesnt mean I want her to have it.

I still eat everything else. I like cookies, but grandma says that I cant have many of them because I get territorial over them.

But I think that wraps up this post, I will try to come back more often. I miss all you guys.

Halo T. Pug

Okay, Tizzy just pimp slapped me, I guess she is the boss after all

Daddy Let me drive to pick grandma up from work. This is me barking at the driver that just cut me off.

Trouble, I see no trouble here... that's why I am looking

Oh Please a Sweater really, where is my dignity.