Monday, December 15, 2008

Im Sorry Peeps

Wow where have I been so long you might be wondering. Well its been a busy time. I have been helping daddy play games. I like to tell him when Monsters are sneaking up on him in Dead Space, or where he is supposed to go in Tomb Raider:Underworld. And the new Prince of Persia game, that was all me.

Anyway, daddy failed to be a good daddy again. He let my ear get extremely dirty. He obviously did not pay attention to the pug owners manual. Its right there on page Eleventy-hundred and twelve.

He has tried to take care of the issue. However I just wont co-operate. I don't like liquids in my ear. I see that bottle, I run, or just swing my head back and forth so he cant get it in there. Finally in a last ditch effort before having to go to the vet, he bought some wipes. I still fight, but its harder to fight a wipe. And he is getting it cleaned out.

He says its because Tiki, his last pug, did not get dirty ears ever. Well she obviously was a dainty little thing,and I am a rough and tumble male... grrrrowl....

Another habit I have picked up, I am picky now. Yup, those Ole Roy dog biscuits from Walmart... yeah I aint eating them. I carry them around for 5 or 6 hours, I hide them from Tizzy. Just because I dont want the doesnt mean I want her to have it.

I still eat everything else. I like cookies, but grandma says that I cant have many of them because I get territorial over them.

But I think that wraps up this post, I will try to come back more often. I miss all you guys.

Halo T. Pug

Okay, Tizzy just pimp slapped me, I guess she is the boss after all

Daddy Let me drive to pick grandma up from work. This is me barking at the driver that just cut me off.

Trouble, I see no trouble here... that's why I am looking

Oh Please a Sweater really, where is my dignity.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh Man I hope Daddy does not realize how much I play his games when he is not around.

Howdy, sorry for the lack of updates, things have been strange lately. See daddy started leaving late at night and not coming home till sometime after Grandma went to work. He said he is got a JOB. All I know is that when he gets home he seems tired.

But its been a vast improvement since the first week he started. Not only was he tired, but he had an abcessed tooth. He got it pulled so the grouch train leaves the station a little less now.

Lately I can not resist my rampage of destruction. I have chewed up Grandma's cell phone, the tv remote, the dvd player remote, and countless newspapers. I hear they are going to get me a cage. I have no clue what that is but it sounds fun.

But I will try to update more often. I have just had so much stuff going on. Well I am late for 1:30 destruction appointment. Talk to you soon.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My middle name is Shiva

Hello Weaklings, it is I Halo... God of Destruction. I come to you from my humble blog. Look upon my great destruction. Look at my Secret Apprentice, Rubber-puss.

Go Forth and Wreck and Destroy. And Let the Big Daddy not know of your existence.

First Destroy the Command Center Ruber-puss. Make sure his 360 gets the red rings. His cell phone shall also need to be defeated, that way he can not call to get it fixed. Without that evil Contraption, there will be more time to use the Frisbee.

Also any book you see, destroy it. For it will force the Old One to pay attention to me.

You have done well my Apprentice.

However, the Daddy figured out about Rubber-puss and turned him to the side of the jedi... and that is when he unleashed... The Pedi-Paw.

Sorry its been so long in between updates. I have been busy. Big Daddy got a job, third shift. This makes me sad because he will not be home at night now, and grandma wont let me sleep with her. :(

Also on the pedi-paw. DO not order this off TV. Daddy did this and got caught in a credit card scam, where they charge you 16.95 a month for nothing. He looked into this and found out that people were getting this charge on the account after ordering it. V-value plus or something was what the charge was for. So if you read this and have bought a pedipaw, check for the charge. Other than that the device works, I am sure Wal-Mart will sell them soon.

Big Daddy also broke down and bought a bigger 120 GB hard drive for his 360. That seems to make him really happy. He also got a wireless headset for it. Since I chewed up his other one, and he had to fix it. But I keep getting a hold of it.

Anyway. I have to go.



Friday, September 5, 2008

Daddy has a cold... wait its not cold...

Halo here.

Just sending a message out to the world. Daddy has been under the weather lately. That's what he says. But aren't we all under the weather everyday. I guess if I was in an airplane I would be over the weather, hey maybe when can go parachuting like that pug in that video. Yeah, I should work on that.

Yesterday something scary happened. I was over in the corner and was minding my own business smacking that door stop thingy that makes that boiiinnnngg noise I like so much.

I took a back step when I realized what I had done. I had stepped on Tizzy, and now she also had me backed into a corner. I was a little scared... I mean I did not want to unleash the pug of rage on her...

She swatted at me, but I held my composure. I would hate to turn into a huge green pug.

Anyway I hope daddy gets to feeling better. Then we can go play outside again. I need my flying disc.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

I want to let everyone know that I have made a full recovery. At least 98% of a recovery. I still limp on it occasionally, like when I try to pee on cars and I lift my other leg to high. But other than that, I have been okay.

So daddy cleaned his room the other day. I was glad because everything was getting pretty cluttered. Now I was able to get under the bed again and found all kinds of treasure. I have found old Valentine's Day cards from some girl named Melanie. Dad seemed sad when he seen it. But I took care of it by ripping it to shreds, somehow that was not the proper solution. I also found a tin of Life Savers ments. And a prescription of sinus medication.

I was so happy with all the stuff I had to drag it out to show him.

He left me for a few hours the other day. He had a Job interview. Whats a job? But today he seemed frustrated and said he must not have gotten the job. It must be like a treat. I like treats, its one of my five favorite words.

Here is the list


Anyway, the cat is still the cat. She is kinda me to me. I guess she does not understand that I see her as a threat if she is even in the same room as me when I get a treat. So when I tell her to leave the area, she hits me with a claw.

Tonight when we went for a walk. This other dog came running out of nowhere. We sniffed each other, exchanged email, and business cards. Then dad read his collar. And picked him up to take him home. This did not sit well with this other dog, who growled. Which pissed me right off. Dad was only trying to make sure you did not get hit by a car. And since he had me on a leash, he had no other way to get you home. So I growled back. And snorted a couple times.

THATS RIGHT!! A pug snort is like a war cry. My Pug daddy taught me that when I was a puppy. That dog was lucky. The lady was outside smoking and never seen him get out. Who knows what would have happened if we had not taken him home.

Other than that. Its uneventful.. If you are a dog. I sleep, eat, poop, walk, drink, bark.. and not even in that order.

Anyway have a good night pups.

Halo Out...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey I am featured on Pug-a-Day

Hey, The Nevis let me know that I was featured on Ahh to be that young again, it would be awesome.

Visit and Vote here

I wanted everyone to know that I am at 95% healed now. I am glad to, because I think the pills were making me sick. I just felt poop a little bit after taking them. But I can deal with it because I am a stud.

Anyway here is another video of me chasing a car. I am so awesome, some dogs can't take a car... me I eat em for breakfast. Grrrrrr

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Halo Injury report as told by Halo

Hey, I guess you all heard about my grave injury. Let me tell you its been pretty ruff. Limping takes a lot out of you.

So I was hurting a little bit, but I am a stud. See minor pain never effects me. I am sure I can take a lot of damage, ninjas fear me, pirates fear me... the cat... well the cat watches me in awe.

So how much better have I been doing since Monda when the evil old ninja stabbed me twice why dad held me down. (Dont think I have forgotten dad... I know when and where you sleep)

Here is the youtube video of me this morning and how much better I am doing. Keep in mind, that Monday I would not even walk on it.

Dad has given me something called a hotdog.. they are kind of cold, and they make we kinda tired afterward, I think he has spiked it with something. Oh well maybe it has to do with the leg.

Anyway, I should not stay on here long. I have to stand up on the back two legs to type, dad needs a taller chair.

And you know what else sucks, trying to pee with a bad back leg. Ever try lifting a leg, trying to hold yourself up with the hurt one. Not fun at all. And also what is it with slick floors at Evil Ninja Offices. I mean I was sliding all over the place, geez. Those evil ninjas are tricky.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Halo vs. The Vet

Well Halo has a hurt joint fom the fall last night. The vet seen him in five minutes notice when I called, so he will get my business from now on, even if he is only opened till 12:00

They gave him 2 shots, and some pills to give him tonight. And if he is not significantly better by Thursday to give them a call and they would take x rays to see if it is cracked.

Halo was running all over the vets office, barking at dogs 7 times his size, (after they were safely locked behind doors)

When we came home the shot must have been working cause he is running nutso across the apartment on 3 legs.

I am just glad it aint a hip or something.

I hope he improves over the next few days. Thank you guys for your support

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Halo has an ouch

I am a little upset right now. i have been crying. Halo is limping and I have no idea why. he does not act like he is in any pain, but he refuses to put any pressure on his back left foot.

He is moving around and trying to play, and seems fine except for the limp. I cant really take him to the vet until in the morning. I am just scared, and it bothers me that he does not seem to be in any major discomfort.

The only think we can figure out is that he jumped up in bed with my mom, and she got up and carried him out into the hall, and before she could do anything hedropped out of her arms. He never made a sound or a whimper.

The next think i know he is at the foot of the bed crying, like he wants me to pick him up, which he has not done since he was a puppy. I tried to ignore him , and he would do his... "hey, pay attention to me whine"

So finally I get up to go to the bathroom, and he follows me, and I notice the limp.

A thousand thoughts are running through my head right now, did he hurt his hip. I am no doc, but I feel around and everything in the hip area seems in place, and he still is able to move his leg at the hip area.

I feel his leg, nothing seems broken or swollen, but everytime he puts any pressure on it, he quickly lifts it up, but never makes a whimper.

I am just going to have to wait and see how he is in the morning. I am just really upset, and I am laying in the floor with him tonight. I wish there was more I coul do. He is sleeping soundly right now. I guess that is a good sign.

So keep Halo in your thoughts over the next day or too.


UPDATE:This morning I checked him out. He is still holding up his foot and not walking on it. However I did notice that his toe nail had started growing back from the rocking chair incident. It looks like he may have smacked it on the rocking chair when he jumped out of my moms arms last night. And snapped off the end of it. Becuase it does look like the quick is exposed. I am going to see how he does today. Because he does not seem to be in any pain. And I even caught him jumping up on the couch this morning and then tried to jump to the foot stool to get near the cat. Please send out positive thoughts for me. If he gets worse I will take him to the vet.

I have moved his leg, felt all down it, moved his hip and everything to see if there is a reaction... nothing. If I get around his toe nail and touch his foot there, then he snaps his head up real fast.

I hope I am not being a bad pug parent. :(

Sunday, July 20, 2008

You Know I need to really get the hang of updating this thing.

I have picked up a new word for my vocabulary. That word is park. We go so often now that I have learned that word. Now if I could just figure out what P A R K is.

Dad has been playing with a diffrent video game console a lot lately. He holds this white thing in his hand a swings it around. I like to bark and play with this one since it makes noises...

I think the game is called Zelda... Remember Zelda was going to be my name if I was a girl... wait maybe this is a girlfriend creation game, and he is making me a girlfriend... But then again I think he needs it more than I do... I can get the hunnies.

The Zelda game makes the controller thing laugh. Its weird. Then I have to bark at it. Because if it makes noise I need to tell it to be quiet. Also he played me in a game of Boomblox... and I stomped his butt.

Dad got me a new name tag. And it puts the fear into the cat because she knows right now, that I am the Bat-dog. And I must defend Chapplewood Apartments for evil.. but first I have to figure out the 2 door system to make my escape into the night. Until then I have to face off against the cat.

A heros job is ever done... and thus I must got to defend honor and snausages...

Halo Bat-Dog... Away

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Been Busy

Sorry for the lack of an update. I can't talk now, Daddy and I are going to the park a little later, but I wanted to share this video of me being cute.. As always.

And some random pictures

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Whats Up

Tizzy and I have finally become friends. I guess she could not resist my animal magnetism anymore. I know I am hard to resist. But please you must. Because I only have one owner. And he is my bestest friend in the whole world. Thats why I bite him all the time, it keeps his reflexes high.

This was me last week watching the lego Indiana Jones Plane fly across the screen. I barked at it. I keep telling daddy to buy a bigger tv so I can see stuff better. But he says his little 19" HDTV is good enough for him. Seriously I could watch that little plane for hours.

This is when the cat told me I had Jedi Mind tricks and I could use the force to get a cookie. The cat was a little off on her assumptions. Either that or she was making fun of me.

Anyway I am way tired. Daddy and I got back from the park and he tried to kill me. He forgets I have a lot more fur than he does, and I cant sweat. Instead he parades me around so people can see me, and then tries to show me off to the cute girls at the park... geez, if only he had my animal Magnetism. He is so pathetic.

But he took me to MCdee's and got me my own cup of ice water. Isnt Ice a wonderful thing. He slides across the floor. You can suck on it when you are hot. And ts like water in convinent snack form. They even write songs about it.

too cold

I got called a lot of things at the park. Doggie, Kitty, even a pit bull. I knew I was macho, but to get mistaken for a pit bull. Grrr.. thats right baby.

Any way I have to run. Those bones are not going to bury themselves. hmmm now if I could just dig this carpet stuff up without getting the can shaken at me.

(To The Nevis, thanks a whole bunch for the can of coins trick.. it scares the living crap out of me. I thought you were my friend... how can I cause mischief if I am having a jar of crap shaken at me :(

Pugs, and Dig Dugs



Oh crap I think he heard us talk about The Great Cookie Caper 08

Tizzy: Act natural and he wont think anything of it

I said act natural Halo, not stare at him with a guilty conscience. Ugh... Idiot.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am a Bad Dog

I have been going crazy in the last week. Must be the June Bug that everyone around here talks about. I am just a wild and crazy guy.

Here is some of my proudest work.

The damage to the cat is not my fault. Its some kind of Hot spot or something.

Here is me showing Tizzy I mean buisiness.She totally backed down. I am not making it up. She is afraid of me now. See I learned that when I come in from outside, to come in and smack her across the face. Yup. She is so stunned she can't even react. SO I dont fear the cat anymore.

Stop Laughting. Hey... Its true.. Would this face lie.

And that mess behind me was totally there before I got here. How dare you say you came back to the room and seen mt playing with a soda can I knocked off your tv stand. That is Slander, or Liable, or whatever.

These are most of my toys. I mean everything in the house is a toy for me, pant legs, coke cans.... um I mean ummm... Stuffed animals. Occasionally Daddy's Nintendo DS, or wiimote. His Xbox 360 headset, his GTA 4 strategy guide. I live in a freakin TOYRUS.

My favorite toy is the flyswatter. See when I am bad they swing it at me and I chase it down. And when they least expect it I hide it.

Anyway this is Daddy and I signing off. I have more kitchen cabinets to chew on and I think I seen grandma put some gum on a napkin on the endtable.

BTW: How is he ever going to find a date wearing a Legend of Zelda T shirt. What a moroon. What kind of women goes for a guy in a Zelda Tshirt. Although if I had been a girl he was going to name me Zelda. LOL

Pugs and Bear Hugs


Monday, May 26, 2008

I went to the Park on Memorial Day

Daddy has passed out from a food induced coma. Or a Heart Attack. We did have Mcdonalds... okay he had McDs... I had him taunt me with an ice cream cone.

We went to the park today to see Grandpa's Cross. They pt this crosses up on Memorial Day, with the names of those who died who served in the military. I never met this grandpa guy... but he sounds scary... his nickname was "Griz" does that mea daddy is part bear?

There was a fountain and water puddles.

And a bunch of people told me I was cute, and had to come over and have a conversation. Drama Drama Drama :) I know I am cute and all, but how many times Do I have to be told about it. Now I know how Paris Hilton must feel.

Then there was this big slide and I went down it. And then we went home... after daddy bought an ice cream and teased me with it. I got him back though... here are 2 pictures of him with me at the park

HEHE he wont be happy to see I put these pics of him up here LOL