Monday, May 26, 2008

I went to the Park on Memorial Day

Daddy has passed out from a food induced coma. Or a Heart Attack. We did have Mcdonalds... okay he had McDs... I had him taunt me with an ice cream cone.

We went to the park today to see Grandpa's Cross. They pt this crosses up on Memorial Day, with the names of those who died who served in the military. I never met this grandpa guy... but he sounds scary... his nickname was "Griz" does that mea daddy is part bear?

There was a fountain and water puddles.

And a bunch of people told me I was cute, and had to come over and have a conversation. Drama Drama Drama :) I know I am cute and all, but how many times Do I have to be told about it. Now I know how Paris Hilton must feel.

Then there was this big slide and I went down it. And then we went home... after daddy bought an ice cream and teased me with it. I got him back though... here are 2 pictures of him with me at the park

HEHE he wont be happy to see I put these pics of him up here LOL


Anonymous said...

aww love the pictures with the flag! Halo is so cute!

Nevis said... your Daddy using you to pick up chicks at parks!? *laugh* Men!!!