Friday, May 9, 2008

Pug Theft Auto

Wow, its been over a week since Big Daddy let me use the computer. But here I am. So what have I been doing with myself. Well from the pics isnt it obvious. Playing GTA IV... or not. Daddy says I am too young to play it since its rated M for Mature. But I did sneak myself in for a few session of Multiplayer... frankly I am not any good cause I dont have opposable thumbs.

The other thing that Big Daddy is trying to teach me is the sport of frisbee. He said he always wantd a frisbee dog. He said Buster was the closest he ever really got. Whoever Buster is. All I know is he says I am a chicken shit just like Buster. Does he mean I am an egg...

We go to the apartments tennis court, its like a giant cage match. He closes us in and then he takes the leash off, and I get to run free. They removed the tennis nets a long time ago and made it a basketball court also. But when no one is around its for the great sport of frisbee.

Daddy even makes me carry the frisbee. I think he wants me to identify with it. He says he is training me. Grrrr I am ready.

Oh I learned another trick. Its called, climbing... yup and it seems to make daddy mad. BEcause I climb up on the bed, the chair and bite him while he tries to play GTA, this usual results in me going outside to run and play...

At night he doesnt sleep too much. Pug bed space is the distance between the edge of the bed, modified by how close I can curl up against him. Meaning he cant move, because he would crush me. I sleep like a baby. After a couple of nights of this however he puts me out in the hallway.

The other day I was running from the cat and I darted into the bedroom as daddy as walking to the computer, and he almost tripped over me, instead of hurting me fell onto the bed, and I think his words were, "My xbox 360 controller gave me a rectal exam." After that he said it never worked quite right. He was thankfully he had another.... whoa dad has two butts... man think of all the pooping I can do with that.

*Yawn* Well I think I am going to go to bed now. Another day of frisbee is around the corner.

Later Halo T. Pug

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Nevis said...

GTA4 is pretty fun! :) I haven't played it my fiance loves it and I've watched most of it. (I scrapbook while he's playing it and I'll watch and listen to the story unfolding)