Sunday, April 27, 2008

Howdy Peoples

Big D lost his camera, so no pics for this post. He should find where I hid it in the next few days :)

UPDATE: (He found the camera... Remember you heard nothings)

Its been a wild couple weeks. Okay its been a couple of weeks and I am wild. Potty training is going better, kind. They put down some pads that make want to pee on them, or poop on them. But I still like to do it under Big Daddy's bed. hehe.But then he yells at me and calls me the BADDOG. He also threatens to make me a river dog... I like looking at the river.

Wow. The cat is a magical beast. She drops little sausage behind her in a box in the bathroom. And she puts them in a huge and burries them. This is so we can play a game. After she burries them I get to dig them up and try to eat them. Big D gets upset at this and chases me around the house. I can has Sausages.

We went to the park the other day. He thinks I must be huge. He bought me a Frisbee bigger than I was... At first I thought it was a blanket. Then he threw it. I am glad he remembered to bring me water. I was plenty of thirsty.

I like to bite. Ankles... Shoes... fingers... Exhibit A in this video

Exhibit B

Wel Big D said I need a bath because there was an incident between grandma, me and an orange. Then he told me that it would be just me and grandma tonight cause he had to go pick up Grand Cleff Audio or something like that.

He said it will be past midnight before he gets home. Wow... he really loves his music. I guess I would stay up that late for a treat or something... gerez... I means whats so great about Grand Cleft Audio anyway.. pfft

Pugs and hugs.. not Drugs



Here are some pics that Big Daddy called, Total Eclipse of the Pug


Nevis said...

LOVED the 'total eclipse of the pug' photos!

Anonymous said...

Cute photos!
Ahhh yes.. the kitty poo.. bleh! Indy can loves sausages too! I ended up buying a tupperware tub and cutting a hole in the lid for the kitties to use. Keeps the puggies out!

Enjoy Grand theft auto.. it looks really cool!