Thursday, April 3, 2008

Its Been one of those days

See the day started out bad enough. I got this thing called a bath. Yuck. But I realy only tried to escape a few times. But that was not even the worst part of the day.

See. Grandma has a rocking chair. I usually like the rocking chair. Grandma sometimes rocks me to sleep in it. Well the other day it was not very nice to me. I have a tendency to be in places that I am not supposed to be. This time it happened to be my back left paw, under the rocking chair leg. Ouch! My poor little foot got smushed. And it even started bleeding. The Big Guy started freaking out and trying to find an emergency vet. He did get the bleeding to stop, it seems that the only thng that happened is that I broke a toe nail, and my paw bleed a little. 20 minutes later I did not even pay attention to it.

Grandma felt bad, but I forgave her. Whew I dodged the vet thing, the big guy does check my little foot everyday for infection or bleeding, but its been fine. Anyway here is a video of me running after my stuffed snoopy. Although honestly I still would rather play with the newspaper. Also, I think when I grow up, I want to be a mail dog. The other day I was under the big guys bed, and I found a letter. So I was nice enough to bring it to him. Then I found another. So thats what I want to do.

The big guy keeps telling me heis going to take me to the park.. I think he has a screw loose, cause I think he means he is going to take me to bark. I could use a little help with that, because its a little bark. I still dont know why he has to wait til it stops raining.

The cat and I are getting along better too. She gives me 30 seconds to sniff and bother her before she swats at me. And then I bark at her. She no longer hisses. And lately she will come up and smell me before moving on to someother task that kitties do.


Nevis said...

Sorry to hear about the foot incident! But I'm glad that everything is okay in the end.

Anonymous said...

The poor little guy! They bounce back pretty quick though :)

That's good about your cat.. mine took a few months before he would allow Indy near him! Gus still isn't really allowed!