Sunday, March 30, 2008

Little Halo: The Next few days

Hello it's me little Halo.

It has been a few days I thought I would check in.

Wow the first night was kind of scary the big guy decided to let me sleep on his bed. But in the night I had to Pee so I did it in the bed. I did not realize that was a bad idea at the time, thankfully he did not get too upset. Whew!

Things I like so far, paper I love picking up paper and carrying it around. I also like plastic bags especially when grandma chases after me. That's funny LOL. And I love grabbing the Big Guys pant leg, it makes him almost fall down. haha

I am not too fond of this thing called the vacuum cleaner it scares me. And this other thing called a Tizzy. She hissed and swatted at my head. I decided to leave her alone but she kind of seems to be wanting to get near me, so maybe soon we can be friends.

I still am not fond of leashes however I have started walking myself. It's quite liberating actually I just grabbed a leash as it dangles in front of me and carry it. The big guy says it reminds him of Marmaduke, whatever that means.

I will check in a few more days. See you there,


Brukaoru said...

Halo! Your so cute! XD Don't let hendersonman be mean to you, you pee in the bed if you have to. ;)

Tizzy and vaccum cleaners are scary! Run away!

Will look forward to future posts Halo! <3

Anonymous said...

Yes Vacuums are very scary.. trying barking at it! That's what Gus does!!

You are so very cute! I wish I my guys were still puppies! :)

Nevis said...

Very cute, Halo!