Thursday, March 27, 2008

Halo the Pug Day One

Okay its been one of those days. See this weirdo shows up at my home and hands my mommy paper. (I like paper, the weirdos car is full of it, but he kept taking it away from me)

So anyway we went into the store and he bought me stuff, the only thing I liked was the Hotdog, and the rope. I will say this much, he put this thing around my neck, he called it a "caller" I think. Not sure but I couldnt call anyone with it.

He also bought this leash thing. Yeah not my cup of tea. Whatever that means. When he put that thing on the other monstrosity, the "harness" yeah I just layed on the ground and trid not to me, no matter how he tugged it.. LOL I was a laugh riot.

I guess I will have to get used to it. But anyway, I am one tuckered puppy. So I am going to sleep.

Oh yeah and I dont like cameras. You should have seen the weirdo try to take my picture.


Nevis said...

Very cute! I like the name "Halo" but I would prefer "Marcus" because I am a huge GoW fan.

Lex said...

How cute is he??
Indy didn't get the walking thing either.. :)

Wilson & Henry said...

He's so cute and fuzzy! Henry is 4 months old and still isn't crazy about his harness, and definitly is anti-leash!