Sunday, April 27, 2008

Howdy Peoples

Big D lost his camera, so no pics for this post. He should find where I hid it in the next few days :)

UPDATE: (He found the camera... Remember you heard nothings)

Its been a wild couple weeks. Okay its been a couple of weeks and I am wild. Potty training is going better, kind. They put down some pads that make want to pee on them, or poop on them. But I still like to do it under Big Daddy's bed. hehe.But then he yells at me and calls me the BADDOG. He also threatens to make me a river dog... I like looking at the river.

Wow. The cat is a magical beast. She drops little sausage behind her in a box in the bathroom. And she puts them in a huge and burries them. This is so we can play a game. After she burries them I get to dig them up and try to eat them. Big D gets upset at this and chases me around the house. I can has Sausages.

We went to the park the other day. He thinks I must be huge. He bought me a Frisbee bigger than I was... At first I thought it was a blanket. Then he threw it. I am glad he remembered to bring me water. I was plenty of thirsty.

I like to bite. Ankles... Shoes... fingers... Exhibit A in this video

Exhibit B

Wel Big D said I need a bath because there was an incident between grandma, me and an orange. Then he told me that it would be just me and grandma tonight cause he had to go pick up Grand Cleff Audio or something like that.

He said it will be past midnight before he gets home. Wow... he really loves his music. I guess I would stay up that late for a treat or something... gerez... I means whats so great about Grand Cleft Audio anyway.. pfft

Pugs and hugs.. not Drugs



Here are some pics that Big Daddy called, Total Eclipse of the Pug

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Daddy and the A-poop-calypse

I am a little stinker. See the big guy, from now on I call him Big Daddy, didnt know what I was doing for the longest time under the bed. I would sleep there because I could hide from the cat, and there were all these cool boxes underneath there.

Well there was also plenty of stuff to poop on underthere. Old video game mags being my favorite. He never knew till yesterday when he started to detect a smell from under the bed. HEHE. That was so funny. I am suprised it took him this long to smell it. but he cleaned it all up, and now feels better. He says he is going to strangle me in my sleep. But he wont cause I am just too cute.

At night he moves my bed into the bedroom. He says he dont trust me in the bed right now. He says There WILL BE POOP. I dont like this. I whine and cry for 5 minutes and realize that its not working and go back to my bed.

We had a cold spell rush through here last week. Ruined Big Daddy's Plans for picking up chickens at the park. It was too cold, and they even called for snow flurries.

oh and he wanted to give a shout out to one of his friends... The Kush, who did this cool picture for Big Daddy's video game website Distributed Failure.

The Orginal

The Altered

I follow Big Daddy where ever he goes. The kitchen, the bathroom, to walk out in the hallway to check the mail. You never know whats out there that he needs protection from (Meaning I stand behind him and bark at it) like cats.

Speaking of cats, Tizzy and I are slowly becoming friends. She lets me chase her around the house. Except when I bark at her. Then she lets me have have it right on the forhead. But she quit using claws. Which is a plus.

Anyway here are some more pictures.

Me and Tizzy
Me and Tizzy: The Aftermath
I come to take all your munnies
Me and Big Daddy... talk about bad timing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Its been over a week now

I survived week one, almost through week 2. And I can say I like it here. Except when I get stepped on or something.

The big guy cleaned up his room. After I found this little things called dice under the bed. He said they could choke me. Which is funny cause he threatens to choke me on numerous occassions. LOL he is funny.

The other day he got a haircut. At fist I am not sure what he was doing there, There was the sound of something like a vacum cleaner, and then all his hair sarted falling out. I hope that does not happen to me.

Housebreaking, yeah I am trying. But it is definately something I need to work on. At least I try to poop or pee on things laying around like, paper, magazines and tshirts.

The neighbors think I am a hoot. They all yell at me. ANd tell me how cute I am. The big guy says he is taking me to the park this weekend to pick up chicks. I mean why would you want to pick up chicks. I mean chickens loo mean on TV.

Well anyway here are a few more pics of me. And Hi to The Nevis who asked how I was over Xbox Live. I am still cute as a button. :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Its Been one of those days

See the day started out bad enough. I got this thing called a bath. Yuck. But I realy only tried to escape a few times. But that was not even the worst part of the day.

See. Grandma has a rocking chair. I usually like the rocking chair. Grandma sometimes rocks me to sleep in it. Well the other day it was not very nice to me. I have a tendency to be in places that I am not supposed to be. This time it happened to be my back left paw, under the rocking chair leg. Ouch! My poor little foot got smushed. And it even started bleeding. The Big Guy started freaking out and trying to find an emergency vet. He did get the bleeding to stop, it seems that the only thng that happened is that I broke a toe nail, and my paw bleed a little. 20 minutes later I did not even pay attention to it.

Grandma felt bad, but I forgave her. Whew I dodged the vet thing, the big guy does check my little foot everyday for infection or bleeding, but its been fine. Anyway here is a video of me running after my stuffed snoopy. Although honestly I still would rather play with the newspaper. Also, I think when I grow up, I want to be a mail dog. The other day I was under the big guys bed, and I found a letter. So I was nice enough to bring it to him. Then I found another. So thats what I want to do.

The big guy keeps telling me heis going to take me to the park.. I think he has a screw loose, cause I think he means he is going to take me to bark. I could use a little help with that, because its a little bark. I still dont know why he has to wait til it stops raining.

The cat and I are getting along better too. She gives me 30 seconds to sniff and bother her before she swats at me. And then I bark at her. She no longer hisses. And lately she will come up and smell me before moving on to someother task that kitties do.