Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Daddy and the A-poop-calypse

I am a little stinker. See the big guy, from now on I call him Big Daddy, didnt know what I was doing for the longest time under the bed. I would sleep there because I could hide from the cat, and there were all these cool boxes underneath there.

Well there was also plenty of stuff to poop on underthere. Old video game mags being my favorite. He never knew till yesterday when he started to detect a smell from under the bed. HEHE. That was so funny. I am suprised it took him this long to smell it. but he cleaned it all up, and now feels better. He says he is going to strangle me in my sleep. But he wont cause I am just too cute.

At night he moves my bed into the bedroom. He says he dont trust me in the bed right now. He says There WILL BE POOP. I dont like this. I whine and cry for 5 minutes and realize that its not working and go back to my bed.

We had a cold spell rush through here last week. Ruined Big Daddy's Plans for picking up chickens at the park. It was too cold, and they even called for snow flurries.

oh and he wanted to give a shout out to one of his friends... The Kush, who did this cool picture for Big Daddy's video game website Distributed Failure.

The Orginal

The Altered

I follow Big Daddy where ever he goes. The kitchen, the bathroom, to walk out in the hallway to check the mail. You never know whats out there that he needs protection from (Meaning I stand behind him and bark at it) like cats.

Speaking of cats, Tizzy and I are slowly becoming friends. She lets me chase her around the house. Except when I bark at her. Then she lets me have have it right on the forhead. But she quit using claws. Which is a plus.

Anyway here are some more pictures.

Me and Tizzy
Me and Tizzy: The Aftermath
I come to take all your munnies
Me and Big Daddy... talk about bad timing.


Nevis said...

*laugh* This is why I'm crate training my puppies. Because they WILL poop everywhere. Until they learn, they are only allowed out of the crate on supervised visits to the outside world.

Oh, and I've recently become...addicted to WOW. I love it.

Hendersonman said...

I got hooked into Everquest in the day, and th FF11. So since I dont have a pc that can handle WOW. (My lapop tried but failed)

Nevis said...

My laptop can sorta handle WoW. It dosen't like it and is occasionally laggy. It's 5 years old and on it's last leg. I really need a new one, actually. Especially because 2 of it's three USB ports are busted and everytime I need to update my ipod, plug in my camera, etc. - it's this annoying juggling with the ONE remaining USB port. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big Halo has gotten already.. your baby is growing up. :)
I am still find poop everywhere.. yesterday it was in front of the stove..