Sunday, March 30, 2008

Little Halo: The Next few days

Hello it's me little Halo.

It has been a few days I thought I would check in.

Wow the first night was kind of scary the big guy decided to let me sleep on his bed. But in the night I had to Pee so I did it in the bed. I did not realize that was a bad idea at the time, thankfully he did not get too upset. Whew!

Things I like so far, paper I love picking up paper and carrying it around. I also like plastic bags especially when grandma chases after me. That's funny LOL. And I love grabbing the Big Guys pant leg, it makes him almost fall down. haha

I am not too fond of this thing called the vacuum cleaner it scares me. And this other thing called a Tizzy. She hissed and swatted at my head. I decided to leave her alone but she kind of seems to be wanting to get near me, so maybe soon we can be friends.

I still am not fond of leashes however I have started walking myself. It's quite liberating actually I just grabbed a leash as it dangles in front of me and carry it. The big guy says it reminds him of Marmaduke, whatever that means.

I will check in a few more days. See you there,

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Halo the Pug Day One

Okay its been one of those days. See this weirdo shows up at my home and hands my mommy paper. (I like paper, the weirdos car is full of it, but he kept taking it away from me)

So anyway we went into the store and he bought me stuff, the only thing I liked was the Hotdog, and the rope. I will say this much, he put this thing around my neck, he called it a "caller" I think. Not sure but I couldnt call anyone with it.

He also bought this leash thing. Yeah not my cup of tea. Whatever that means. When he put that thing on the other monstrosity, the "harness" yeah I just layed on the ground and trid not to me, no matter how he tugged it.. LOL I was a laugh riot.

I guess I will have to get used to it. But anyway, I am one tuckered puppy. So I am going to sleep.

Oh yeah and I dont like cameras. You should have seen the weirdo try to take my picture.