Thursday, June 19, 2008

Whats Up

Tizzy and I have finally become friends. I guess she could not resist my animal magnetism anymore. I know I am hard to resist. But please you must. Because I only have one owner. And he is my bestest friend in the whole world. Thats why I bite him all the time, it keeps his reflexes high.

This was me last week watching the lego Indiana Jones Plane fly across the screen. I barked at it. I keep telling daddy to buy a bigger tv so I can see stuff better. But he says his little 19" HDTV is good enough for him. Seriously I could watch that little plane for hours.

This is when the cat told me I had Jedi Mind tricks and I could use the force to get a cookie. The cat was a little off on her assumptions. Either that or she was making fun of me.

Anyway I am way tired. Daddy and I got back from the park and he tried to kill me. He forgets I have a lot more fur than he does, and I cant sweat. Instead he parades me around so people can see me, and then tries to show me off to the cute girls at the park... geez, if only he had my animal Magnetism. He is so pathetic.

But he took me to MCdee's and got me my own cup of ice water. Isnt Ice a wonderful thing. He slides across the floor. You can suck on it when you are hot. And ts like water in convinent snack form. They even write songs about it.

too cold

I got called a lot of things at the park. Doggie, Kitty, even a pit bull. I knew I was macho, but to get mistaken for a pit bull. Grrr.. thats right baby.

Any way I have to run. Those bones are not going to bury themselves. hmmm now if I could just dig this carpet stuff up without getting the can shaken at me.

(To The Nevis, thanks a whole bunch for the can of coins trick.. it scares the living crap out of me. I thought you were my friend... how can I cause mischief if I am having a jar of crap shaken at me :(

Pugs, and Dig Dugs



Oh crap I think he heard us talk about The Great Cookie Caper 08

Tizzy: Act natural and he wont think anything of it

I said act natural Halo, not stare at him with a guilty conscience. Ugh... Idiot.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am a Bad Dog

I have been going crazy in the last week. Must be the June Bug that everyone around here talks about. I am just a wild and crazy guy.

Here is some of my proudest work.

The damage to the cat is not my fault. Its some kind of Hot spot or something.

Here is me showing Tizzy I mean buisiness.She totally backed down. I am not making it up. She is afraid of me now. See I learned that when I come in from outside, to come in and smack her across the face. Yup. She is so stunned she can't even react. SO I dont fear the cat anymore.

Stop Laughting. Hey... Its true.. Would this face lie.

And that mess behind me was totally there before I got here. How dare you say you came back to the room and seen mt playing with a soda can I knocked off your tv stand. That is Slander, or Liable, or whatever.

These are most of my toys. I mean everything in the house is a toy for me, pant legs, coke cans.... um I mean ummm... Stuffed animals. Occasionally Daddy's Nintendo DS, or wiimote. His Xbox 360 headset, his GTA 4 strategy guide. I live in a freakin TOYRUS.

My favorite toy is the flyswatter. See when I am bad they swing it at me and I chase it down. And when they least expect it I hide it.

Anyway this is Daddy and I signing off. I have more kitchen cabinets to chew on and I think I seen grandma put some gum on a napkin on the endtable.

BTW: How is he ever going to find a date wearing a Legend of Zelda T shirt. What a moroon. What kind of women goes for a guy in a Zelda Tshirt. Although if I had been a girl he was going to name me Zelda. LOL

Pugs and Bear Hugs