Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am a Bad Dog

I have been going crazy in the last week. Must be the June Bug that everyone around here talks about. I am just a wild and crazy guy.

Here is some of my proudest work.

The damage to the cat is not my fault. Its some kind of Hot spot or something.

Here is me showing Tizzy I mean buisiness.She totally backed down. I am not making it up. She is afraid of me now. See I learned that when I come in from outside, to come in and smack her across the face. Yup. She is so stunned she can't even react. SO I dont fear the cat anymore.

Stop Laughting. Hey... Its true.. Would this face lie.

And that mess behind me was totally there before I got here. How dare you say you came back to the room and seen mt playing with a soda can I knocked off your tv stand. That is Slander, or Liable, or whatever.

These are most of my toys. I mean everything in the house is a toy for me, pant legs, coke cans.... um I mean ummm... Stuffed animals. Occasionally Daddy's Nintendo DS, or wiimote. His Xbox 360 headset, his GTA 4 strategy guide. I live in a freakin TOYRUS.

My favorite toy is the flyswatter. See when I am bad they swing it at me and I chase it down. And when they least expect it I hide it.

Anyway this is Daddy and I signing off. I have more kitchen cabinets to chew on and I think I seen grandma put some gum on a napkin on the endtable.

BTW: How is he ever going to find a date wearing a Legend of Zelda T shirt. What a moroon. What kind of women goes for a guy in a Zelda Tshirt. Although if I had been a girl he was going to name me Zelda. LOL

Pugs and Bear Hugs



Anonymous said...

Oh no! Gus has chewed/ruined our cabinets in the old place, our tv unit (soon after it was finished being custom built for us), the baseboards, the patio door frame, I just caught him walking up to the coffee table and resting the corner in his mouth!
Zelda would have been a cute name, why not Link? lol
Gus also has an obsession with ABC gum too.. yay.

Nevis said...

We haven't caught Napoleon doing that yet...but we have seen him prancing around the house carrying the 360 headset in his mouth. That totally received a can half-full of pennies shook at him. Bad Poley!