Sunday, July 20, 2008

You Know I need to really get the hang of updating this thing.

I have picked up a new word for my vocabulary. That word is park. We go so often now that I have learned that word. Now if I could just figure out what P A R K is.

Dad has been playing with a diffrent video game console a lot lately. He holds this white thing in his hand a swings it around. I like to bark and play with this one since it makes noises...

I think the game is called Zelda... Remember Zelda was going to be my name if I was a girl... wait maybe this is a girlfriend creation game, and he is making me a girlfriend... But then again I think he needs it more than I do... I can get the hunnies.

The Zelda game makes the controller thing laugh. Its weird. Then I have to bark at it. Because if it makes noise I need to tell it to be quiet. Also he played me in a game of Boomblox... and I stomped his butt.

Dad got me a new name tag. And it puts the fear into the cat because she knows right now, that I am the Bat-dog. And I must defend Chapplewood Apartments for evil.. but first I have to figure out the 2 door system to make my escape into the night. Until then I have to face off against the cat.

A heros job is ever done... and thus I must got to defend honor and snausages...

Halo Bat-Dog... Away


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. So Halo Bat Dog how many times has your dad seen batman? lol I thought it was amazing! :)

Yes we know park too, plus treats, walk, ball, car, run, bonuses (which we used in place of treats), bone.. and some others but I can't remember. Pretty much anything that starts with 'do you want to..'

Hope your staying cool... :)

Nevis said...

Did you go see Dark Night yet??! Sooo awesome!

Dark, sad, tragic, awesomely beautifully wonderfuly awesome. Great movie.

Hendersonman said...

I seen Dark Knight Friday night, The first half i was kind of bored. It moved very slow to set up everything.

But I was into, on the edge of my seat by the end. Joker was great.

I actually bought the ID tag the week before when I went to see Hellboy 2