Monday, July 28, 2008

Halo vs. The Vet

Well Halo has a hurt joint fom the fall last night. The vet seen him in five minutes notice when I called, so he will get my business from now on, even if he is only opened till 12:00

They gave him 2 shots, and some pills to give him tonight. And if he is not significantly better by Thursday to give them a call and they would take x rays to see if it is cracked.

Halo was running all over the vets office, barking at dogs 7 times his size, (after they were safely locked behind doors)

When we came home the shot must have been working cause he is running nutso across the apartment on 3 legs.

I am just glad it aint a hip or something.

I hope he improves over the next few days. Thank you guys for your support


Anonymous said...

I hope you Halo gets better soon! I've had lots of boo boos over the years. It's just because pugs are zippy and we sometimes get a little hurt. We bounce back, though!

Sounds like you are doing all the important things to help little Halo get better. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found a good vet! That is very important with these guys. :)

I hope Halo recovers and doesn't have a more serious injury!!

Good luck keeping him calm!

Nevis said...

Sorry I had not seen this about Halo until just now. Poor guy! No, you're not being a bad pug parent at all. I think you're doing great. And I'm sure that Halo will make a full improvement in just a few days. But I'll keep him in my thoughts/prayers just in case. :)