Sunday, July 27, 2008

Halo has an ouch

I am a little upset right now. i have been crying. Halo is limping and I have no idea why. he does not act like he is in any pain, but he refuses to put any pressure on his back left foot.

He is moving around and trying to play, and seems fine except for the limp. I cant really take him to the vet until in the morning. I am just scared, and it bothers me that he does not seem to be in any major discomfort.

The only think we can figure out is that he jumped up in bed with my mom, and she got up and carried him out into the hall, and before she could do anything hedropped out of her arms. He never made a sound or a whimper.

The next think i know he is at the foot of the bed crying, like he wants me to pick him up, which he has not done since he was a puppy. I tried to ignore him , and he would do his... "hey, pay attention to me whine"

So finally I get up to go to the bathroom, and he follows me, and I notice the limp.

A thousand thoughts are running through my head right now, did he hurt his hip. I am no doc, but I feel around and everything in the hip area seems in place, and he still is able to move his leg at the hip area.

I feel his leg, nothing seems broken or swollen, but everytime he puts any pressure on it, he quickly lifts it up, but never makes a whimper.

I am just going to have to wait and see how he is in the morning. I am just really upset, and I am laying in the floor with him tonight. I wish there was more I coul do. He is sleeping soundly right now. I guess that is a good sign.

So keep Halo in your thoughts over the next day or too.


UPDATE:This morning I checked him out. He is still holding up his foot and not walking on it. However I did notice that his toe nail had started growing back from the rocking chair incident. It looks like he may have smacked it on the rocking chair when he jumped out of my moms arms last night. And snapped off the end of it. Becuase it does look like the quick is exposed. I am going to see how he does today. Because he does not seem to be in any pain. And I even caught him jumping up on the couch this morning and then tried to jump to the foot stool to get near the cat. Please send out positive thoughts for me. If he gets worse I will take him to the vet.

I have moved his leg, felt all down it, moved his hip and everything to see if there is a reaction... nothing. If I get around his toe nail and touch his foot there, then he snaps his head up real fast.

I hope I am not being a bad pug parent. :(


sferrise said...


We have two pugs, and have learned one important thing from them...If they are in serious pain, you will definately know. Halo is probably fine, and if the toenail was smacked off or what not, it may be a bit tender for him. I do know that they are resilient little buggers and it'd take more than jumping out of your mom's arms for him to really do any serious damage...

Rest easy and give it another day or two. If it doesn't improve then, take him to the vet...


Anonymous said...

Just keep an eye on him.. when Indy started limping it was because her knee cap was out of place and we never noticed her in pain either. So that is something to keep in mind..
Also did you check in between his pads? My guys have gotten things in there before and it bothers them.

I hope he is doing alright!

Manda Girl said...

Oh man - I'm so sorry that you were so worried! These little guys sure can make ya sweat! Glad to hear things are ok - Miko had that a couple of times, just keep him a little calm (short walks too), so not to further injury and he will be good to go in no time!