Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Halo Injury report as told by Halo

Hey, I guess you all heard about my grave injury. Let me tell you its been pretty ruff. Limping takes a lot out of you.

So I was hurting a little bit, but I am a stud. See minor pain never effects me. I am sure I can take a lot of damage, ninjas fear me, pirates fear me... the cat... well the cat watches me in awe.

So how much better have I been doing since Monda when the evil old ninja stabbed me twice why dad held me down. (Dont think I have forgotten dad... I know when and where you sleep)

Here is the youtube video of me this morning and how much better I am doing. Keep in mind, that Monday I would not even walk on it.

Dad has given me something called a hotdog.. they are kind of cold, and they make we kinda tired afterward, I think he has spiked it with something. Oh well maybe it has to do with the leg.

Anyway, I should not stay on here long. I have to stand up on the back two legs to type, dad needs a taller chair.

And you know what else sucks, trying to pee with a bad back leg. Ever try lifting a leg, trying to hold yourself up with the hurt one. Not fun at all. And also what is it with slick floors at Evil Ninja Offices. I mean I was sliding all over the place, geez. Those evil ninjas are tricky.


Nevis said...

Very glad to hear that Halo is doing better. :) Have a wonderful Monday!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you are running around again. Injuries never keep us puggies down!

Hugs from a Massachusetts pug!

Nevis said...

Hey! Check it out! Halo is today's "PUG A DAY!"