Monday, August 18, 2008

I want to let everyone know that I have made a full recovery. At least 98% of a recovery. I still limp on it occasionally, like when I try to pee on cars and I lift my other leg to high. But other than that, I have been okay.

So daddy cleaned his room the other day. I was glad because everything was getting pretty cluttered. Now I was able to get under the bed again and found all kinds of treasure. I have found old Valentine's Day cards from some girl named Melanie. Dad seemed sad when he seen it. But I took care of it by ripping it to shreds, somehow that was not the proper solution. I also found a tin of Life Savers ments. And a prescription of sinus medication.

I was so happy with all the stuff I had to drag it out to show him.

He left me for a few hours the other day. He had a Job interview. Whats a job? But today he seemed frustrated and said he must not have gotten the job. It must be like a treat. I like treats, its one of my five favorite words.

Here is the list


Anyway, the cat is still the cat. She is kinda me to me. I guess she does not understand that I see her as a threat if she is even in the same room as me when I get a treat. So when I tell her to leave the area, she hits me with a claw.

Tonight when we went for a walk. This other dog came running out of nowhere. We sniffed each other, exchanged email, and business cards. Then dad read his collar. And picked him up to take him home. This did not sit well with this other dog, who growled. Which pissed me right off. Dad was only trying to make sure you did not get hit by a car. And since he had me on a leash, he had no other way to get you home. So I growled back. And snorted a couple times.

THATS RIGHT!! A pug snort is like a war cry. My Pug daddy taught me that when I was a puppy. That dog was lucky. The lady was outside smoking and never seen him get out. Who knows what would have happened if we had not taken him home.

Other than that. Its uneventful.. If you are a dog. I sleep, eat, poop, walk, drink, bark.. and not even in that order.

Anyway have a good night pups.

Halo Out...


Nevis said...

Very cute pictures. Glad Halo is recovering along nicely! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Halo is doing so much better... it is sad when the lil beasts destroy things that mean a lot to us.. Indy and Gus have both done it, several times!

Does Halo snort/snore a lot??